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Nationwide transfers

Open and enclosed vehicle carrier options nationwide transfers:
 1 Transport currently services the entire United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam accommodating all of the United States and its major territories. We now also service Puerto Rico, with door-to-door shipping, terminal-to-terminal shipping, insurance, affordable rates and fast delivery.

The highest quality door-to-door shipping

Our goal is customer satisfaction. This can only be achieved with a customer’s confidence from the moment we take the client’s privately-owned automobile.  He can be reassured that his automobile will be returned exactly as it was given. Our door-to-door car shipping is fast and competitive with pricing. Moreover, we have highly-skilled customer service agents available to plan the move for you. You will witness the moment your vehicle is put onto the open car carrier, or enclosed container, safely and with care. The vehicles will also be returned in the same condition that they were shipped.

Leadership expertise in car shipping worldwide

All of 1 Transport auto shippers are certified professionals, providing licensure, insurance, and accountability. We have call center representatives available to take your call at any time of the day.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping option

Some clients expect flexibility when shipping a car. 1 Transport offers the option to transfer a car from a terminal location to another instead of a residence. The vehicle will be dropped-off in one of the many storage options in the destination city.

Open and enclosed shipping

It is important to know that two main auto shipping options exist, open and enclosed. Open transport means that the vehicle will remain in the open air, that is, outdoors during the entire transfer process. While single trailers do exist and with more cost involved, standard open shipping includes trailers that hold 10 or more vehicles at once. These trailers will also remain outside and will be subject to any type of weather at any given time.

Enclosed shipping is our preferred method of car shipping because it is the process that considers the most care and safety for your vehicle. It is literally the opposite of open shipping, because the vehicle is in an enclosed trailer. The vehicle is kept indoors at all stops of the trip, whether in the trailer or a storage facility, safe from the weather conditions, such as heat, rain, snow, hail or other water risks. This option remains 1 Transport’s preferred transport solution, especially if you own a classic car or a customized vehicle. Be sure to tell our customer service agent you prefer enclosed shipping.

Competitive car shipping cost

Auto transportation is a relatively affordable process for the vehicle owner.  While prices vary, one should expect to pay as little as a few hundred dollars and as much as $1500. For example, order auto transport  between North Carolina and Florida may cost as little as $400 but car shipping from Boston to San Francisco may be as much as $1200. Transfers from the continental USA to the territories and Hawaii will be based on shipping fares at the time of travel.

Fast Car shipment

Most auto transfers take up to 10 days across the country. Travel across water will increase that time frame, but coastal travel can take as few as two or three days with fair weather conditions.

We plan your shipment from start to finish

1 Transport provides the most professional services in the car shipping business. Whether you own automobiles or trucks, SUVs or Caravans, motorcycles or scooters, boats, yachts, trailers, or all-purpose recreational vehicles (RVs), we can deliver in a timely manner.

Shipping any type of vehicle can be a challenge for a private car owner, but we take over the planning process for you. A 1 Transport representative will be dedicated to you and will be with partnering with you each step of the way, from the moment the car is picked up until the reception of the car in the end, our 1 Transport representative will provide you up-to-date information. Whether you are relocating for work, or your kid is moving to college on another coast, or there is a need to return work vehicles to their original location,1 Transport has the experience to get any vehicle from point A to point B without any complications. Bad weather, traffic jams, delays, all are accounted for prior to the move.

We provide customer satisfaction and this can be proven with our service record and what our clients say about us. For us, we do not just transport vehicles, we help move our client’s business. And our strong relationships with them can attest to this.

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