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What is door-to-door transport services?

The door-to-door transport option is the standard choice for auto transport companies to pick up and drop off a vehicle. Both pickup and drop off locations are chosen by the car owner. This is a transport from a residence door direct to another residence door. Or in other situations, a transport of vehicle from a work address as a pick up location to a residence as a drop off location.

The entire journey of a car is with the owner giving the keys away and receiving them from the trailer driver. This is also a very affordable option for delivery.

With 1 Transport’s amazing customer service team, you can enjoy this option completely hassle-free and just watch your vehicle arrive at the front door of your new home.

What does this mean for shipping any vehicle?

There are some locations where it might be unsafe for the trailer to proceed with delivery. If your area is filled with low hanging-trees and narrow streets, we can agree on the nearest possible location. The car may not be delivered to your house in certain areas but certainly within very close proximity to it.

What you can choose from
  1. Multi-car transport truck – safe and secure
  2. Flatbed truck – good for smaller vehicles like motorcycles, can access more locations
  3. Enclosed transport truck – added security, more protection


  • It is convenient. You don’t have to travel far to pick up your vehicle. Whether your car will be shipped to a nearby location or right at your doorstep, you’re going to make little to no effort with your vehicle. The door-to-door transport can do all the work for you.
  • It saves you time and energy. Imagine not having to travel a long period of time and getting your car anywhere and anytime you want it. The door-to-door transport removes any obstacles for you.
  • You can meet the driver and get his or her contact information. If you have concerns regarding your vehicle, you can directly address it to the driver responsible for your car.
  • With door-to-door transport, you can witness the loading and unloading of your vehicle. Even more, you can track the status of your vehicle with the driver directly. If you see some discrepancies with how your vehicle is managed, you can call it out immediately and see how it is being treated.


  • It is an expensive option. The door-to-door service remains a higher cost choice because it is direct pickup and immediate delivery to you.
  • Not all pickup and destination choices are accessible.
  • As mentioned above, not all trailers can access residential areas or apartment complexes. There are circumstances that prevent a direct pickup to and delivery from the location of your choice. In such instances, you need to work with the customer service agent to find the best agreeable situation for you and your vehicle needs.

Why Door-to-Door transport is the

  • You need a 100% guarantee of vehicle safety and personal convenience.
  • You have a need to be part of the car delivery process start to finish.
  • You care deeply about your vehicle’s delivery.
  • You are a dedicated automobile owner.
  • You have the budget to spend a little more for this premium service.

It may be more money and it may not be for all vehicles, but it is certainly the best choice for all vehicle owners.

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